Do you think the United States government should become more or less “democratic?”

I think U.S. should become more of a democratic because people like us can choose the future we desire for this country. If more democratic people will be more involved in government and try to find solution for any issues. Also citizens can choose what they what and how they want it by having power, thanks to democracy. So practically democracy can be very helpful towards many citizens.

Eligible for voting

If the Electoral College was abolished, and people directly elected the President, what should the qualification be to vote in a Presidential Election?

The qualification to vote in a presidential election would be determined by the experience each person had in U.S. soil. Each person should be aware of the crisis that happened or currently happening here, I say about 5-7 years in U.S. Based on that experience people would gain more knowledge towards political ground. Now they can be determined if they are eligible to vote in a presidential election.


For this challenge I was asked to recommend other people which blog to in their blogroll. Needless to say I love everyone’s, its unique in different ways. 

Although I will recommend you these bloggers who inspired the blog world by creating unique and individual theme:






Again I just didn’t pick this 5 blogs randomly, they’ve been picked because the owner of those blog worked hard to create attention and invite people to visit their blog.

Trail of Tears

In our class we had to write a poem sort of thing in someone’s perspective in this picture.

Mo- Beautiful land it was

Ryan- Such peaceful territory it was

Mo- Forced to move West

Ryan- Leaving our land

Mo- Anger and tears coming over us

Ryan- Disappointment builds upon us

Mo- Our future doesn’t look bright

Ryan- One solution

Mo- Only Solution

Ryan- To transform our culture

Mo- Only way

Ryan- To continue our existence

Mo- To be one of them

Ryan- Who forced us

Mo- Out of our own home

Ryan- With no quarrel

Mo- A whole new journey

Ryan- Whole new world waits upon us

Mo- The thing that drives us

Ryan- The same sky that

Mo- We shared from before.


The 3 R’s

At school I recycle papers, bottles, and other stuff. To tell the truth I didn’t use to recycle much, but then I realized that I really do and I keep doing that. I did participate the Earth hour during March 28.

Tallest Buildings

What is the tallest building on Earth?

Many people ask that question without getting any answer, well today I’m going to show you the TALLEST building currently on Earth or yet to come.Taipei 101

Currently the tallest building on Earth is “Taipei 101” located On Taipei, Taiwwan. The title of the tallest building was exposed since 2004. Pentonium

 The builing yet to come that is currently next tallest after Taipei 101 is the Pentominium in Dubai. Pentominium consists of 120 floors and is currently under construction.


North America is not left behind that doesn’t have any tall structure. Next is Chicago Spire with 150 floors and is currently on hold status.


 Burj Dubai

Finally the tallest building yet to come, Burj Dubai located in Dubai. The structure has 160 floors, the height of this massive structure is 818 m (2,684 ft) and currently is in construction.

“What is Democracy?”

The true definiton for democracy is: government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. 

Another defintion for democracy is a form of government in which power is held directly or indirectly by citizens under a free electoral system.

So mainly citizens like us have the power to elect someone to form a government.